Good afternoon Objectif Lune,

I am preparing for an upgrade for PlanetPress Suite to its latest version and would like to run my process by you. Ok, here is some information about our current setup/environment.

• Current Version is PlanetPress Suite Version
• I have downloaded the offline download package that includes all the modules for 7.5.0.
• We use VMware and have a VM of Windows Server 2003R2.
• The VM has an internet connection and receives windows updates as they are made available.

From my understanding, the process should be fairly simple upgrading within a current version to a newer release/build. I have documented all my current serial numbers, activation codes, and magic numbers for each module.

1. Stop all PlanetPress services and take a snapshot of the VM as a backup to roll back to if the installation is not successful.
2. Uninstall the current version, perform restart, and then install new version.
3. Enter previous serial numbers and activation codes (if needed)
4. Test the installation to ensure everything is working properly.

Some questions about this process.
Do we need any new activation codes for this process?
If new activation codes are needed for the installation to 7.5.0., can these be acquired a week in advance as we prepare for the upgrade, or would this interfere/turn off our current running version?
If new activation codes are needed, where can these be acquired?
If the installation is not successful and we rollback, will the old version work or do we need to call support for new activation numbers and support?
If we do need any support through the installation, how can this be reached?

I think that is it. We are planning for this upgrade in a couple of weeks and want to be fully prepared to make this as streamline as possible.
Thanks in advance!

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