Hello Wildcard,

Note that everything you have mentionned above is correct. In installing the most up to date version of PlanetPress

You should not have to request for new activation codes as you are still running version 7. If infact your activation codes to not work once the new version is insalled, simply send an email to activations@ca.objectiflune.com with all your serial numbers and the new magic number, and stating that you upgraded to version 7.5, and we will send you the correct activation codes with a possible delay of 3 business hours.

There is no way to find out if the magic number will change until the new version is installed.

If you have any other technical questions, you can always call our toll-free support line : 866-348-5863. If a technician is not available at that time, one will call you back.

If you have any other questions, you could always email customercare@ca.objectiflune.com and an angent will be in contact with you for any other questions you may have.

Have a good day!