I have a problem, one of the folders that was supposed to be monitored and captured isn´t working. The process is... I scan a document, the document file go to the monitored folder and it is processed by PPWorkflow (change size, convert DPI, read barcode...). Finally sent to an other folder. This hole process doesn´t happening.
At the log i found this message:

"Loading data file C:\\ProgramData\\Objectif Lune\\PlanetPress Suite 7\\PlanetPress Watch\\Spool\\1.tmp\\job00ZMN2GD3XBGIC93D968C6F.dat...
Initializing document Imagem.ptk...
Setting global variables...
Producing an Optimized PostScript document...
I0012 : Error producing job of document "Imagem.ptk": A fonte Arial n\'e3o p\'f4de ser inclu\'edda Erro: Erro no arquivo de entrada
I0006 : PlanetPress Image output failed on host
PlanetPress Image: W1603 : Plugin failed - 11:37:25 (elapsed time: 00:00:07:160)

Old metadata file "job00ZMN2GD3XBGIC93D968C6F.dat.meta" has been succesfully deleted.
Starting plugin Criar arquivo - 11:37:25
Plugin Criar arquivo found no data to capture - 11:37:25

Starting plugin Sleep Plugin V6 - 11:37:26"

I don´t if it is the real problem, could someone give me an idea? I ll Appreciate.

OBS: Some names are in portuguese (Brasil). If you need any assist, i´m here to help.

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