I haven't personally tried printing to one of these printers. However, here's a quote from our "PlanetPress Capture Implementation Restrictions" (available here:|FirstPick#CSHID=undefined ) :

"Printer limitations

Any document printed with Capture Fields (aka Anoto Patterns) must be sent through a Laser printer. Bubble jet printers are not supported and will most likely cause reading errors with Anoto Digital Pens. Thermal printers will not work either due to the low quality printout and the absence of actual blank ink on the paper."

The Anoto technology is meant to work with Laser printers, and any other type of printers aren't supported. It's not just the "look" of the pattern, but it's composition in terms of what is used to draw on the sheet(toner, ink, etc...), which can affect the pen's ability to read it.

In this case, the Xerox ColorQube printers uses solid ink as opposed to the toner normally used by Laser printers. Therefore, it is not the same thing, and there's a risk that it may not be compatible with the Anoto pen technology.

Raphaël Lalonde Lefebvre