I have a LARGE database that exceeded the number Data fields, so am having to do some Math in some created Variables. This is for a yearly donations summary with anywhere from 1 to 74 donations listed on the print.

I created a variable 74 variables to subtract an amount and get a result.
EXAMPLE: @DDBL 26@ is VAL ([Amnt 26]) - VAL ([Nontax amnt 26])

Unfortunately, this person only donated 25 times last year and as a result instead of 50 blank lines I am getting 50 rows of $0.00 listed.

I tried to create an expression where if @Date 26@ is blank then result "" (blank), but if @DATE 26@ is not blank do @DDBL 26@, but it isn't liking that.

How can I do the Math of date is present, but blank result if no date?