You can't send the same PGC twice if it was already processed.

If you want to be able to re-write in a field (i.e. process several PGC's that may write to the same Capture Fields), then you have to make sure that in your Document Template, you set the fields to be rewritable (e.g. make sure the Disable rewriting option isn't ticked).

In addition, you have to make sure not to remove the Document from the Capture database after the first PGC has been processed, otherwise the second PGC will fail (which appears to be the case in your example). So your Get Capture Document task should not have the option to Close Document after retrieval unless you've implemented conditions beforehand that determine whether or not the document can be closed.

You may want to head over to our OL Learn site and register for the on-line training pertaining to PlanetPress Capture. You will find a lot of information in there on how to setup your processes and documents.
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