At my last company we had a production license and I was one of the users. I am at a new company now and am quoting Planet Press through some print vendors. When I strip the quotes down it seems they are offering maintenance and support from their own company but charging a pretty hefty fee. If we use one of these companys to lease planet press but do not get their maintenance package will I still be able to place a support ticket through Objectif Lune if I have the magic numbers/license numbers?

At my last job I did my company's form designs as well as ran the production workflow. I didn't have any insight into how it was purchased/leased. I would hate to spend 250-300 per month on maintenance/support and never use it. If I had any questions previously 95% were answered on the forums but I just don't want to be stuck with zero help if I opt out of their program and am not able to place support tickets with Objectif Lune.

Any info would be helpful.

Dana Deming Jr
Dana Deming Jr
Fulfillment Supervisor
Summit Advantage