Working on a large number of product tags and I want to break the document into manage chunks for the cutter. I have a PDF with 2340 pages. I want to structure my PSM doc as follows:
Layout 1 - Divider
Layout 2 - Pages 1-300 of PDF
Layout 3 - Divider
Layout 4 - Divider
Layout 5 - Pages 301-600 of PDF

Is there a way to do this? Seems like I could add an expression to the PAGE NUMBER property of that object, but I haven't figured out what. I could also divide the PDF into 300 page chunks, but I'd still have the same issue of wanting PSM to print all 300 pages of the PDF and then the next layout. I could probably accomplish by making a PSM document with a layout for every page in the PDF but that's no fun.