Hello Howie,

PlanetPress Talk is based on PostScript but honestly, it's "relatively generic" if I do say so myself. Then again I think all languages are alike, they have pretty much the same features with different syntax (a semicolon here, a curly brace there)...

But I digress. PlanetPress talk kind of looks like a mix between JavaScript and VBScript. And if you don't have much programming training, I would (very) strongly suggest simply looking into JavaScript courses. There are plenty of online courses you can follow, the one I would recommend is CodeAcademy , simply because JavaScript is also useful in the Workflow module (Run Script action for customized actions) and that's what we use exclusively in our Connect software now.

Of course, in terms of PlanetPress Talk itself, used within PlanetPress Design, you can refer to the documentation for specific help on the syntax (and some examples):

Hope this helps!