Im new in this foro.
My English level is a little bit low so if you dont understand me please, sorry. But i will try to write and express my ideas correctly.

Well, my first post is about ASCII code. Usually i used PrintShop Mail 6 with windows 7, but recently i change O.S to windows 10.

When i used windows 7 printshop mail worked correctly with ascii code but the new version of windows doesnt work with ascii code.

i dont know why.

when i introduce the code ALT + 255 in printshop mail, it doesnt recognize it. it "recognize" in designer mode but when i change to previsualization mode( the mode that you see the document when you print) printshop mail dont recognize de nbsp (non breaking space) and put normal spaces in order to nbsp.

pd, can you say if my english is good or bad? i didnt write in english since 2015 so... i want to know if i must study more english or not...

greetings from your friend and neighbour, PETETE;)