Hello Everyone, PlanetPress Production v7.6.x newbie here, first week on the job. Looking for help or a nudge in the right direction on this current ongoing issue at the shop. I just dropped 150 files into a folder being watched by a PP Folder Capture process. The first 71 files processed just fine, however, the remaining 79 files never processed and disappeared out of the folder. I have to go into the process properties and click OK, without changing anything, click on save configuration and then restart the processes. I can now re-drop the remaining 79 files and continue on. This problem is daily and the number of files changes. This happens once every day around the same time. Not sure if it is a setting or problem with PP or something is amiss with our LAN. Any ideas? I'm also not at the point yet where I can find errors in PP, no training as of yet, just reading the manuals. Thanks a million, RJ

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