Hi Uomo,

Assuming it's realistically feasible to implement, I really can't think of that many cases where I would be confident enough that one process can't be responsible for another process's failure, unless they are two completely unrelated sets of process, for two completely unrelated solutions on a same machine. I'm not sure just how helpful this feature would be, for the time it might take to implement it.

To be honest, based on your other threads, I think you are facing a rather specific scenario where the logging is inadequate to properly debug your project, but that would be a specific case that might not need to modify the software. Instead, I would go for a "custom logging" approach, using scripts and "Watch.Log" commands, and perhaps some additional error handling as well. This way, you could create custom logging in a way that is suitable for your project.

I suggest that you give Support a call, and see if they can give you ideas on how to improve logging for your project.

Raphaël Lalonde-Lefebvre