Hello All,
I have not been able to nail down exactly how to accomplish this, so any help would be appreciated. I'm not sure what to search for...

We have a PDF being generated by WinQueue Input. Ultimately, I'd like to capture the ID off of the PDF and add a barcode to the document before printing it.

What I THINK I'm supposed to do:
- Design a document with a blank background on which I will "paste" the PDF and add the barcode. This document will be created with a MetaData field for the ID I am capturing.
- In the workflow, once the PDF arrives, I will generate metadata pertaining to the form, then proceed to actually create the Form that I designed above.
Am I barking up the right tree? If so, how do I get the original PDF to be applied to the new form?

Now, having looked at this further, there's another option:
- Capture the ID number from the PDF and somehow pass it to the document where the original PDF is applied and the Barcode is applied.
Is this option better?

Many thanks!

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