I have a customer who has about 40 processes in Production ( There is one process in particular where throughput is important to them (warehouse delivery notes). Different people in the warehouse(s) can kick these jobs off and expect to see something happening at their printer pretty much instantaneously. I've been through the log files for the process and I can see that once Planet Press picks up the spool file it takes around 4 seconds to create the print file. This is quite consistent and is an acceptable time.

Where there seems to be a delay is in picking up the spool file from a Hot Folder. The input file can be sitting in the hotfolder for up to 10 seconds before it is picked up. This is not consistent as some files may be picked up pretty much instantly but more than 60% of files take some time to be picked up.

The files are small ASCII files (up to about 5KB in size) and are picked up from a network shared folder. The process is self-replicating as there may be more than one of these documents required at any one time. Polling time is set to zero seconds. The server has 8 cores and I have never seen them all in use at one time.

I've read through the Optimization Techniques section of https://ollearn.objectiflune.com/course/view.php?id=48. I'd appreciate if you could provide any other guidelines that might enable me to have the input files picked up consistently faster.