Greetings OL Community,

I've been looking into multithreading capabilities of our PlanetPress workflow to speed up the whole process. I know about self-replicating processes but I'm not sure if they're what I need here.

We have a workflow process that captures the files in different folders and then sends them to a named printer (Windows Output Queue). We have four printers in use for this process and a different folder for each respective printer which contains the files (PDFs) that we need to print.

As of now in our workflow, it does a capture on one of the folders and then sends the PDFs to the printer, one by one, until all the PDFs have been sent. At that point, it goes to the next part of the workflow, does a folder capture on the next folder and sends to the next printer, etc.

Is there a way that we could somehow multithread the workflow so that we capture the files in one of the folders and send to one of our printers (as one process) and then, while that is still occurring, move on to the next part of the workflow and start the capturing/sending of files to the next printer? Essentially, fork the process and have four unique processes dealing with the sending of files from four folders to four different printers? Self-replicating processes seem useful, but what I want to do, when I reach a certain part of the workflow, is to start multiple processes to deal with different parts of the workflow simultaneously to increase throughput.

Could a self-replicating process fit this need or is there something else I should be looking at? If it is of any use to know, we are running PlanetPress on a Windows 2008 R2 Server as a VM with a one-core processor.