We’ve created a workflow that would take a data file and split the file out by “agent_email” field into separate files and then next steps send the emails out to the agents.

The send Mail automation doesn’t send the emails out. I’ve reviewed the log and the workflow is splitting the files properly, however I am not sure why the files are not being emailed out.

This is the last line in the ppw.log “WPROC: Damita - Email File Split (thread id: 9724) complete - 16:03:18 (elapsed time: 00:00:10:119)”

The steps we are using are:
• Folder Capture
• Create Metadata plugin, set to Passthough
• Metadata Fields Management, (Add field “adgent_email) in level Data page
• Rename
• Send Email

I am trying to figure out what I’ve missed and why the various emails are not being sent out.
Damita Knuckles