If you want it to look at every 5 minutes...that is a way. I thought about it on my way back home yesterday and just in case someone else has that issue, here what I came up with:

If you are in need that the process execute itself at, lets say, 7:05 exactly, AND in need that it execute itself only once (Pool once per activity period: true), then simply set it up as follow:

Active : true
As soon as possible : false
Self Replicating Process : false
Polling interval (sec) : 4
Month : All months
Week of month / by date : All weeks
Time division : 01:00
Poll once per activity period: true

In the grid, select the day(s) you wish it to happens and select 07:00.

Now in your process, add the Sleep plugin right after the Input, and set it to 300 seconds.