Hi Dave,

There is no "fit" option in Workflow. If your printer driver has the option in it, you may be able to use "Print Using a Windows Driver", and use the driver's own scaling options. If not, there might still be a way to simulate it using a Design template.

First, create a new template, and set the emulation to PDF. Import one of your pdf files as sample data. Right-click the sample data and set the pdf as background. Then, in the Configuration Components, double-click on the newly created Picture object. In "Settings", set the "Fit setting" to "Best fit". Then in the Basic Attributes, set the width and height to 8.5 and 11. Using this method, the pdf will be resized to fit a 8.5x11 page. Once you're done, send this template to Workflow, and use it to print your pdf files (if you were using Print Using Windows Driver with "auto-detect", change it to this new .ptk form instead)

Note that this is not entirely the same as Acrobat's "Shrink" option, and might still look a bit different, but at least it will fit. It's possible to make a "nicer" shrinking, but it would require some more advanced logic. Lastly, it's worth pointing out that the newest Workflow, OL Connect Workflow, did add the "Shrink to fit" option to the Print Using a Windows Driver, which will shrink the pdf files to make sure it fits. So if you were planning to eventually upgrade to Connect, that option would become available.

Hope that helps!

Raphaƫl Lalonde-Lefebvre