Good afternoon
I need to extract records from a PDF
Each record is 2 pages typically. 1 is the data, 1 is the address.

So if there are records with maybe 2 data pages I would need to extract 4 pages total. Each data page would have a blank after it that's already in the file, or it would have the address page.

Page N of N appears on the page. I think if we key in on that and make it page one. So anything that says page 1 of 1 would remain, anything else would be extracted until we see 1 of 1 again which would mean that it's back to the 1st page in the next record?

Also there could be foreigns that need to be extracted as well. We can key in on the word "foreign" and extract those.

Maybe need to account for multi page foreigns as well?

How would that look? I don't think I need a planetpress design document because we're strictly using PDFs without putting any data on it?
I'm going to play around with it but I thought maybe someone with more experience could read this and give their 2 cents?