Hi, I'm having problem with one of my forms sending config file to Workflow!

I amended a current working form and added some new conditions and new images, when I preview to get PDF samples it works fine with no problems, I can generated PS and PDF sample files, but when I want to implement this on production I get error like the sample.error file shows in read Documents.

I checked PP Design form, all the conditions and images, they are all good. When I send different forms they are all working only this new form is not working.

My confusion is if there are any PresTalk error or image error then how do I get samples created with no error? I opened each PressTalk code and I see no red text error.

I tried every thing I could to rectify the issue with no luck. Any idea how can I overcome this issue. Never had this issue before!

I don't want to start all over again wink

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