We produce PDF e-stmts for a water utility company using PPDesign7 and PPWorkflow, which include a hyperlink to access an online payment system.

We have used this form and process for many, many years, but earlier this month the hyperlink in the output PDF no longer functions. Neither the PPDesign form nor the Workflow process has been edited recently, and I can think of no reason why this process has suddenly stopped working.

The global function to create the hyperlink follows:

function @ShowHyperlink(&sText:string, &sLink:string)
% Function that shows a hyperlink in PDF. -
% Input: &Text Text to show. -
% &Link Link to open when the text is clicked.-
% Uses: None. -
% Written by: Marty Jacques, Objectif Lune -
% Last updated: December 17, 2007 -
% Show the text
% Create the link region (same width as text, 0.25" height)
passthrough('/pdfmark where {pop} {userdict /pdfmark /cleartomark load put} ifelse')
passthrough('[ /Rect [0 -0.200 '+FloatToStr(StringWidth(&sText))+' 0.20]')
passthrough('/Border [0 0 0]')
passthrough('/Color [0 0 0]')
passthrough('/MK << /BC [ 0 0 0 ] % border color in rgb')
passthrough(' >>')
passthrough('/Action << /Subtype /URI /URI ('+&sLink+') >>')
passthrough('/Subtype /Link')
passthrough('/ANN pdfmark')

And the code to call the function is a simple PP talk object:


@ShowHyperlink('Click Here','https://eps.mvpbanking.com/cgi-bin/login.pl?access=51173771')

The Workflow process uses PPImage to create the PDFs, and until earlier this month, this process has been automatic, with no issues.

Please let me know if there is any further information you might require. Any insight into this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Mike Reilly