Hi rdaneel72,

It's worth noting that the pdf hyperlinks was never an "official" feature of PlanetPress. Passthrough commands are custom lines of PostScript code that may or may not work, and depends entirely on your pdf reader's or PostScript interpreter's ability to execute them properly.

Now, this is just my opinion, but assuming neither the PlanetPress document nor the Workflow changed, one other thing that could've happened is an update or change to the configuration of Adobe Reader, or whichever other app you use to read your pdf, that changed the way the code is executed and broke your old solution. Perhaps the PDF Marks used to be initialized by default, but the update changed that, and now you need to use Robert's "InitPDFMark" function to make it work.

Again, just my two cents, but it seems a likely explanation to me.

Raphaël Lalonde-Lefebvre