Hi NichardRixon,

Here's a few things you can try:
- First off, try creating a brand-new document, draw a box and try to Right-click->Properties, see if it crashes. If it works, the problem could be something specific to your PlanetPress document. (maybe it tries to render too much stuff and everything you do causes a lot of processing to happen)
- If it still crashes, hold down the Left CTRL key and try opening PlanetPress Design, keep it pressed until it boots up. This will reset all preferences and settings to their default values and might fix the problem.
- If it doesn't work, try running a Repair on your install from Windows Program and Features.
- If it still doesn't work, try uninstalling and reinstalling the software. Maybe do a "clean" uninstall, where you uninstall, then delete all folders in the Program Files and ProgramData folders, and even the registry keys. Make sure you backup everything important if you do this!!

If all fails, or if you do not feel comfortable with my suggestions, feel free to contact Technical Support and they will assist you.

Raphaël Lalonde-Lefebvre