I followed your direction with many thanks!
So below VB script is working, but this could be rewritten very sweet and short! but it works smile

'after folder capture
'Branch starts with Data emulation on each record
'then below script

strImageValue = Watch.GetVariable("CodeName")
if strImageValue = 1 then
strCurrentCounter = Watch.GetVariable("Total1")
strNewCounter = strCurrentCounter + 1
Watch.SetVariable "Total1", strNewCounter
elseif (strImageValue = 2 ) then
strCurrentCounter = Watch.GetVariable("Total2")
strNewCounter = strCurrentCounter + 1
Watch.SetVariable "Total2", strNewCounter
end if

'on EOF branch exited
'next is new scrip to calculate total values
'by now I found total count for each type
'Then I multiplied the total count by value 5 to find the 'total number of images for the job

strImageValue = Watch.GetVariable("CodeName") 'in this case it's "5"

Sum1 = Watch.GetVariable("Total1")
Sum2= Watch.GetVariable("Total2")
Sum20= Watch.GetVariable("Total20")

'find total sum of all
strTotalSum = cstr(cint(Sum1) + cint(Sum2) + cint(Sum20))
'multiply total by 5

Totalmultiply = strTotalSum * 5

'save the value in a local variable
Watch.SetVariable "TotalSumMultiply", Totalmultiply

this works for me but again I'm sure you might be able to rewrite or use a loop or in a much better script!