Good day!

I'm a web programmer and I've been tasked to create a new Print-On-Demand website for the company. We already have a Print-On-Demand website, but the tech is old and can’t be updated to the new web standards. We want to come out with an in house solution, with the tools we currently use (or can upgrade), rather than buying another 3rd party solution.

Our prepress department already use PlanetPress 7 (design/production) for variable data and personalisation and I was wondering if upgrading to PlanetPress Connect could do what I have envisioned. I’ll describe the process I have in mind and maybe one of you can confirm if it’s feasible or not.

Print-On-Demand portal

  • Client log on website
  • Client select product from catalog
  • Client enter personalisation (Form with text fields, dropdown menu, select box, etc.)
  • Client submit info (HTTP post to PlanetPress server with all info entered by client)
  • PlanetPress server receive info submitted by client
  • PlanetPress server determine the template to use based on the info submitted (template id???)
  • PlanetPress server generate personalised PDF
  • PlanetPress send back the personalised PDF to the web server
  • Web server process PDF to generate low resolution file + thumbnail
  • Client approve PDF
  • Print order is created on the website

The only thing I’m not sure about this process is the PlanetPress server stuff. From what I have read about PlanetPress Connect, it should be feasible, I’m not sure if it is actually feasible. Any input would be greatly appreciated smile

Thanks in advance!


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