I am attempting to consolidate two very similar processes that share 95% of the same logic, but differ in the first 5 steps of the process.

I have be successful in creating a subprocess that contains the duplicated part of the process. My question is regarding the ending of the subprocess. Typically when we have used these before it's used to run some code and then jumps back to the main process that called the subprocess using the "End subprocess" output.

In this instance the subprocess actually does not have the "End subprocess" output, but instead ends with "Create Web Content".

This works just as our intention was, and seems to return back to the parent process that called the subprocess and finishes up. I just want to make sure that there aren't any "Gotchas" here that I'm missing that may cause the server to slow down over time because we aren't using the "End subprocess" output to send it back over to the main process.