Good morning. I have an issue similar to the issue posted here:

I have a line repeat object that pulls parcel information from our data. The repeat and overflow works beautifully but we want to add text below the overflow and snap it to the last line.

Right now, when there is no overflow, the textbox snaps properly and grows and shrinks with the amount of lines displayed. When there is overflow the table "expands" to the next page but leaves a huge blank space and pushes the textbox off screen therefore not printing it.

Repeat Mode: Line repeat
From Line: 1
To line: 0
Repeat choice: Vertical only
Iteration condition: =true
Condition to exit and overflow: =&iterationcount >= 35

I've read in previous posts that there may be a checkbox "Do not overflow if last record reached" but I don't see it.

I have set all my snapping points correctly - I know this because the objects snap correctly when there is no overflow.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.