So I figured out how to do this. I have 2 virtual pages (Same with some slight modifications) and also two separate 12 N-UP's under the same regular page. One points to the first design and the other points to the second design. Both are controlled by a condition from the data. So that all works now, it will print the first NUP that matches the condition then the second one.

However, I'm noticing if the first NUP finishes with <12 per page, the second NUP will start at the top and print on-top what's been printed already. A simpler way to think of this is if there is 13 data pages and the first 12 match the first design and the 13th matches the second design, then there should be 2 pages, one with 12 and the 13th label on the second page; however, what's happening is the 13th label is printing in slot 1 of the first page.

Is there a way to control this through planet press talk?