This works when the job is not linked to any data, is it possible to do this when linked to a database?

I have a job that has multiple PDF's of varying pages, but I only need to place personalisation on page 1.

Data example:

Filename Pages Title Surname
Doc1.pdf 200 Mr Sample
Doc2.pdf 121 Mr Sample2
Doc3.pdf 235 Mr Sample3
Doc4.pdf 86 Mr Sample4
Doc5.pdf 111 Mr Sample5

I have the filename and page count (as well as the fields I need for personalisation).

At the moment I have a document with over 300 layouts to achieve this.

If it is possible to do this with 2 layouts while linked to data (Layout 1 have the personalisation and layout 2 printing the rest of the pages, then moving onto the next record and doing the same) it would be a much simpler and safer solution to what I currently have.