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You need to more specific about how the text is and what is your intended result.

If your text has CR and LF in it, then simply read it line by line and display those lines as they are in your text object.

Can you provide an example of what the data looks like and the expected result (as an example too)?

So txt file has message field which I want to display on A4 pdf.

For example :

"Card ID", "From","Message"
"012839","Jessica","All the best{LF}{LF}I hope you'll have great day out{LF}{LF}from{LF}John"

I would like to display it as:

FROM: Jessica

All the best

I hope you'll have great day out


So each LF or CR would be treated as supposed to be.
Of course LF or CR are not normally seen, so I cannot just do "if you find LF or CR, do CRLF()"

Something like this would be best, but I know its not working:

define(&str, string, '')
&str := @(13,1,500)
search(&str, Chr(10) or Chr(13))

I hope that makes sense.

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