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End of life

Everything you need to know about
the end-of-life of Objectif Lune’s products
and services.

Our Commitment

At Objectif Lune we are committed to providing high-quality software and services to our clients around the world. As part of our Product Life Cycle planning process, we review the commercial and technical viability of our product portfolio every 6 months. Since the majority of our customers have moved from older technology to our newer OL Connect range, we have identified several products that have reached the end of their commercial viability.

Below is the list of our discontinued products.
End of Life Date Alternative
Weaver December 31st, 2018 Weaver has been re-branded as +PReS Enhance. Weaver customers who upgrade to +PReS Enhance might have to make some light changes to their automation configuration.
OL Connect for AX December 31st, 2018 PlanetPress Connect with the OL Connect Send option is the alternative to OL Connect for AX. PlanetPress Connect comes with unlimited users and is fully compatible with your current templates and workflow but does NOT rely on the AX Component.
PlanetPress Connect Co-mingling December 31st, 2018 In PlanetPress Connect 2018.2, the Commingling option will be included as a standard feature.
PlanetPress Virtual Stationery December 31st, 2018 Whilst we do not offer an alternative "boxed" solution for Virtual Stationery, PlanetPress Connect can be used to offer the same functionality and much more.
PlanetPress EnvelopeNow December 31st, 2018 Whilst we do not offer an alternative "boxed" solution for EnvelopeNow, PlanetPress Connect can be used to offer the same functionality and much more.
PlanetPress Capture & Anoto pens and accessories December 31st, 2018 Capture OnTheGo is our alternative to PlanetPress Capture. It can be used with PlanetPress Connect, our new multi-channel product. It allows mobile devices (Windows 10, iOS and Android) to use an App for capturing data, images and signatures.

You can find more information by going to https://www.captureonthego.com.

Special discounts for existing users may be available
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Business Continuity

If you have purchased a perpetual license, you will be able to continue using the software after discontinuation and after your support expires. We strongly recommend that you make suitable backups to ensure that you can recover from any system failure.


We will continue to provide support until your OL Care expires. After the discontinuation date we will no longer be able to provide updates or upgrades which means support will be limited to the current version.