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dinsdag, 21 mei 2019

Onze nieuwste blogpost

ECM: All about content management for businesses

Businesses manage a huge number of documents and data on a daily basis. According to an IDC study, employees spend about two and a half hours per week searching for documents. So it is clear that using a tool to manage information will foster greater productivity. It means workers can save time but also enjoying other benefits...
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Insurance industry: communications and customer experience

For insurers, customer experience is directly related to the way they communicate with their customers and depends, in particular, on their different documents. In fact, the insurance industry is the one that relies the most on documents. In a mid-size company with approximately 800,000 insurance policies, the number of documents produced per day may rise to 30,000. Companies then realize the importance of optimizing this process and digitizing it. In this article, discover a tool to help improving customer experience in insurance companies.
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5 tips to help companies purchase software

Companies in the midst of digital transformation are constantly looking for technological solutions to be more efficient. Whether they want to change all their systems or are just looking for new software, they all go through the same questions. In their search, the buying experience can play a determining role. Apart from the product or the solution, there are other criteria that are just as important that businesses must consider when they are preparing to buy new software. Here are our 5 tips to guide them in this purchase.
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SMBs faced with specific software needs

Small and medium-size businesses often differ from large companies in terms of their internal operations: their processes are not yet fully automated and they have to consider their resources when making technological choices. They have a smaller budget and fewer employees to do the work. This is reflected in their software needs and the types of things they want to do with it. Knowing these differences and their expectations makes it possible to better target the solutions developed for SMBs. So here is what SMBs expect from a software package.
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The positive spinoffs of Certification for system and data security

Objectif Lune recently obtained ISO 27001:2013 certification for systems and data security of companies. Daniel Desjardins, Corporate Strategy Manager at Objectif Lune, tells us the key steps they took and, more importantly, the positive outcomes he has noted already
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