dinsdag, 8 april 2014

Objectif Lune Helps Organizations Free “Data Hostages”

Company offers tips for integrating data without overwhelming systems and process

Montréal, Canada – The amount of information and data exchanged increases exponentially each year, creating hurdles for marketers and IT managers alike. Though most businesses need access to real-time data to execute personalized campaigns and drive the bottom line, they use systems and processes from a time when web, email, smartphones and tablets were not as sophisticated or as prevalent as they are today.

To be successful, business must adapt to the evolving digital landscape. Objectif Lune, developers of open software solutions created to free customers from inflexible IT systems and infrastructure, shares a series of tips to help businesses release “data hostages” and unlock the powerful information currently held in various documents – including invoices, HTML files and digital output, among others.

Objectif Lune’s five tips for using data in order to achieve personalized customer touch points across digital and traditional channels:

  1. Don’t put your data in a corner – Businesses are used to dealing with data in silos. This is inevitable as various departments build and buy additional IT systems to support their lines of business. The challenge is connecting these multiple systems without the excessive cost and resources required to build custom firmware. An easy solution is to capture the data output and integrate it with a solution like OL Connect. Rather than solving your data issues with yet another system, this method lets you access data quickly and take advantage of it in real-time.
  2. Bring in a data “chef” – Integration is key when it comes to data access. But before you can take this step, it’s important to take stock of what you already have in place. Businesses have the tools they need to be successful, whether it’s a database of email addresses, contact information or purchase history. What they need is a data “chef” that can take these ingredients and turn them into a great dish (i.e. personalized output).
  3. Give your output a makeover – Solutions are available that help turn your ugly mainframe output, into smart, useful information. This allows you to use current customer data to ensure communication is better targeted and more personalized. Not only that, but you can also extract data from static documents (like invoices) and turn them into HTML pages and emails. This helps you learn your customer’s preferences, and target them on the medium that is right for them.
  4. Get ‘em while they’re hot – Customers have a limited attention span so it’s imperative to make the most of your (limited) touch points. Tools like OL Connect help cross-sell and upsell using transactional documents based on purchasing history. Plugging it into your existing systems will make it easier to automatically incorporate relevant messaging to alert customers of products or offers, rather than wasting a precious opportunity to engage.
  5. 5. Think outside the box – You don’t need yet another system clogging your business process. Instead, think about enhancing your workflow with the tools you already have in place. Then, you can automate the entire process and focus on your message, rather than the process. You’ll find yourself developing more powerful promotional and transaction documents – leading to more qualified leads and happier customers.


“We see our customers struggling to access, manage and action available customer data from disparate streams. This can result in never-ending disputes between marketing and IT departments: marketing wants to access data quickly for business opportunities, while IT’s focus is on protecting the integrity of data and systems. Our solution, OL Connect, is a perfect middle ground as it sits outside of an existing data infrastructure without interfering with it. This allows marketers to develop personalized output, while taking advantage of the changing word of digital communication.” - Didier Gombert, CEO, Objectif Lune


About Objectif Lune

Objectif Lune develops open, flexible and enjoyable software intended to free customers from their inflexible IT infrastructure. We offer solutions for the composition, multi-channel distribution, and management, of any personalized business document or customer communications, independent of hardware compatibility and with full automation capability. For more information, visit www.objectiflune.com.

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