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Archiving medical records automatically, electronically and efficiently

With PlanetPress, medical records can be securely archived as electronic files automatically and instantly and without health professionals having to change their routines.

Montreal, Canada – The health community is unique in that health professionals have to work with very sensitive documents and data and handle them very carefully. Moreover, health professionals seem to love pen and paper, and few use digital tools.

So having the capacity to secure data and automate the related documentation, while ensuring continuity in working habits, would address a number of shortcomings.

Improving processes such as paper archiving without a change in routine is a huge challenge.

The Centre Hygie is a private family medicine clinic in Montreal that has been in operation for more than seven years and employs close to 20 health professionals. Pierre Morin, co-owner of the clinic and an office automation expert, is in charge of the clinic’s computer services.

He was looking for a solution to gain better control over their large volume of paper archiving without changing his employees’ routines. Furthermore, it was important for him to maintain the integrity of patient records with the most accurate and up-to-date information possible.

A first alternative: manually scanning paper documents

Mr. Morin explored many options, ranging from tablets to voice recognition, but was unable to find a solution that met all of his requirements. The easiest way to address the situation was to put a process in place to manually scan forms and patient records.

On a daily basis, an archivist received the handwritten forms and documents from the clinic’s health professionals and scanned and stored them electronically in the appropriate patient files.

A better alternative: scanning in real time with Anoto technology

In peak periods, it could take up to seven days to scan and update a patient’s file after the visit. This was definitely unacceptable for urgent cases.

Looking for a suitable electronic document management system, Mr Morin discovered the Anoto technology. Anoto manufactures digital pens to digitize handwritten notes in real time.

Adding automation to the equation and opening new doors

Now all he needed was an automated system that would link the handwritten notes to the appropriate patient records. Mr. Morin discovered Objectif Lune’s solutions while contacting Anoto’s head office in Sweden. He jumped at the chance of using an Objective Lune solution. By finding PlanetPress, he was able to complete the equation.

Instant digital archiving to update records without delay

Here’s how the system works. CTRL-Clinique, the management system used at the Centre Hygie, produces the document or patient report and sends it for printing. PlanetPress captures the print workflow and changes the page setup to include capture areas for handwritten notes and check boxes labelled “archive” and “delete." When the health professionals meet with their patients, they write down notes as usual, but with a digital pen.

PlanetPress receives the data from the digital pen and links it to the appropriate form, which is then automatically archived in digital format in the patient record.

An error-proof system

Mr. Morin also set up an alternate process for eliminating human error. The notes would sometimes extend beyond the capture areas, or doctors would forget to use the Anoto pen.

That’s why Mr. Morin made sure that the form templates in PlanetPress included barcodes compatible with his scanner. In addition, the ink used in the Anoto pens is green. So when encountering notes in a colour other than green or notes that are outside of the capture area, the archivist digitizes the document using the scanner. Through the use of barcodes, PlanetPress can store documents in the proper records automatically.

A practical solution with new possibilities

“We’re very happy with the current solution . . . We went from taking up to seven days to update a record from the time of a patient’s visit to taking a maximum of 24 hours, and often less,” says Pierre Morin.

“The integrity of the clinic’s patient files is now optimal, which is crucial for us.”

What’s next ?

“We receive lots of lab reports and test results by fax and email. With PlanetPress, we’re going to be able to automatically process the information in PDFs and integrate it into patient records,” explains Mr. Morin.


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