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How Objectif Lune optimized its bidding process

Interview with Charles Boulanger, Executive Sales Director (Canada), and Maria Morante, Vice President of Operations. On a daily basis, Charles and Maria manage opportunities and prospects from our different sales offices around the world. They explain how Objectif Lune streamlined and automated its bid process several years ago. A great example of digital transformation at Objectif Lune!
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Wishing you happiness and success in 2018!

It has been a busy new year for Creating New Ways. We would like to take advantage of the holiday season to thank our readers as well as all of our contributors! And to highlight the hottest topic of this year: the digital transformation!
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Customer Experience & Digital Transformation lead to Organizational Transformation

In order to deliver a great customer experience organizations have to digitally transform themselves. What we don’t often talk about is how all this leads to changes within an organization. Changes can include new technology being introduced, new ways of working, or changes in how an organization is structured. Let’s think about why the structure of an organization is necessary to change in order to drive and sustain superior customer experiences.
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The AFP Consortium to make strides in the world of printing

The AFP Consortium is an international group of professionals from across the print industry. It is designed to discuss standards and the architecture of printing technologies in order to offer enhancements that reflect current realities. Harald Weinhandl, Manager of Product Development, has represented Objectif Lune on the Consortium from the start, and he explained to us the importance of this type of collaboration for our industry.
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Communicate with your employees as if they were your customers

Interview with Isabelle Descarries, Vice-President of Human Resources, and Philippe Fontan, Technical Product Manager at Objectif Lune. Isabelle and Philippe explain how they use OL Connect to safely and securely automate sensitive communications for employees. Outcome: Significant time savings and guaranteed personalization.
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